Hayden Wright was born and raised in the small northwest town in the United States called Bremerton and moved to Seattle, Washington to pursue his creative ventures. Without formal training, Hayden began making short-scale video works within the past few years. The content of which deals with a myriad of emotions but mainly focus on feelings of isolation, melancholia, and deep intrinsic thought. 




Coia Torres was born in 1994 in Andorra. She spent all her childhood in the small town of Canillo until 2012 when she moved to barcelona for her studies. She graduated in 2017 with a degree in design, specialized in graphic design, at the School of Design and Engeneering of Barcelona ELISAVA. After that she did a Master's degree in motion graphics and motion 3D design in the Universitary Center of Design of Barcelona BAU. From then she has mainly been working in graphic design studios. Currently, she recently moved back to Andorra and has started to create her own graphic design studio that she will call La Magenta




Know professionally as Still Giest, Alex who has a strong academic background in the sciences where she obtained her education from the University of California San Diego. Alex after finishing her education went on the hunt for work which landed her in Phoneix Arizona. From there she pursued her passion and to this day carry that torch as a larger player in the Phoneix underground techno and dance scene. She defines her music as a mix between things organic and manufactured, a major influence she sites is her experiences in the sciences that have led to a non-traditional but amplifying sound.